International Youth Forum «Baikal» 2024
For any questions, please contact the Communications Center at:
8 (3952) 24-06-61
Dates: August 12-16, 2024

Location: Russia, Irkutsk region, Olkhonsky district, Khuzhir-Nugaysky Bay.

At the Baikal Forum, you will find a rich educational program, extracurricular activities, acquaintance with the best speakers in the fields of tourism, business, culture, creative industries, IT community and leaders of youth associations. At the forum, you will have the opportunity to get new acquaintances, exchange experiences, memories and unforgettable impressions.

The forum result is expected to be more than 100 developed economic social projects aimed at the development of the Baikal region, the subjects of the Siberian Federal District and the country as a whole.

The main theme of the forum in 2024 is "Sustainable Development Goals"

This year 4 educational platforms will work at the forum:
· «Tourism» (the development of domestic tourism focused on visiting natural areas untouched by anthropogenic impact, the formation of ownership in the protection of natural heritage and support for the traditional culture of local communities through the generation of ideas by participants to create cultural products based on the principles of ecotourism);
· «Entrepreneurship» (formation of the participants' business building skills based on an "environmentally friendly" attitude towards staff, suppliers, customers, partners and consumers, as well as caring for the environment and reducing damage to the environment and investments in social projects);
· «Youth communities» (creation of tools for interaction between different youth associations and authorities within the region in order to expand the conditions for professional, personal and civic self-realization of youth in the region and Russia);
· «Dialogue of cultures» (creation of intercultural competence among youth, experience of interaction in matters of spiritual and moral education of youth, perception of ethnic and religious topics in various youth communities and subcultures).

For any questions, please contact the Communications Center at:

8 (3952) 24-06-61